The 3 Types of Career Professionals that Can Elevate Your Job-Search

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

Even in the most opportune times, a traditional job search is not always the best approach to finding a new career opportunity. As a commercial job seeker, you need to be aware of the increasing numbers of qualified candidates that are competing for the same jobs.

Let’s also look at the data: 20% of jobs are filled by applying online. 80% of posts are obtained by networking. So let me ask you, which of the above is the best job search strategy? The one that pits you against more candidates or the one that allows you to take control. I know which one I would choose.

Your objective as a job seeker is to get in front of the right hiring managers and recruiters. So how do you stand out and get hired?

Right now, you cannot afford to compete with everyone. You have to get out of your comfort zone and invest in the people who can enhance your career prospects.

It is also essential to teach yourself how to network effectively, so you don’t limit yourself to only responding to online job applications? How about we ease you in first and reintroduce you to some people that you already know, drum roll the ex-co-worker.

1. Reconnect with Former Career Contacts

A former connection is someone you worked with before, but because of life, you have lost connection over the years. They know you professionally and can vouch for your industry experience and your ability to work with specific teams. They are your unpaid PR person who has proximity to people who can elevate your career. Maintaining and nurturing your network is your responsibility, including being deliberate about ways to stay in touch with former co-workers.

So if you have lost contact, consider different ways in which you can reconnect with your previous career contacts.

In the time, you have worked together, your ex-colleagues career has more than likely flourished alongside influential leaders and decision-makers. So, see your old network as a means of being acquainted with people who can have a powerful influence on your career.

Request a virtual coffee catch up, be direct but friendly. Do not make it all about you; make an effort to ask engaging questions about their current situation.

Ask for a referral, if they are connected to an influential prospect; try to gauge the relationship first before you start asking for favours.

The first step to a new job should be to focus your efforts on reaching out to professionals you worked with before. These people are going to be the most beneficial when you are reaching out for help. They know you professionally and can move your career forward in the right direction.

2. Re-engage with Recruiters

If you have only started your job search and you are already venting about recruiters, ask yourself what are your expectations and are you communicating them to your recruiter.

A solution to a better recruitment partnership is to take a more strategic and consultative approach when deciding which recruiters you want to represent you.

If you are already in the job search process, remind recruiters and hiring managers that you are still looking. If you are not staying front and centre of the recruiter’s minds, you will fall off their radar.

It is not their job to manage your job search; hence, why good communication is vital.

Here are a few tips on how you can have a productive and beneficial relationship with a recruiter.

Only contact Recruiters that specialise in your industry or area of interest. A simple website browses, or LinkedIn search will give you the name of the person who looks after your area of specialism. Connect with them on LinkedIn and request to have a virtual meeting- Showing that you are serious about your job hunt and that you expect the company to do their due diligence.

Adopt a more consultation approach when first contacting a new recruiter. Call the recruiter and tell them how excited you are about a job that you have just seen advertised and how your expertise realigns with the companies vision.

By taking control of the conversation, you are letting them know the purpose of the call, and you are showing that you can effectively solve the company’s problem. Most importantly, nurture relationships with recruiters as you would with any other professional contact, get to know them, follow up every three weeks and stay on top of new jobs that they post.

It is up to you to highlight your unique value. So start planning whom you want to speak, engaging with recruiters who can introduce you to your next career opportunity.

3. Reactivate Your Networking Strategy

As an ambitious job seeker, it’s paramount that you are taking control of your networking strategy, especially now when people are relying more on referrals to cut the cost of recruitment fees. When speaking to professionals online, share your vision, any relevant work experience and how you see your career progressing.

Focus on what you can do for a client or potential employer. While you know that you can directly benefit from their connections, you should also be thinking about ways in which you can make their life easier. Also, let people know how they can reach you.

It is essential to know where you are going with your career journey; this goes back to being intentional. Not every person you meet will be the right person that can help, but they may know someone who can, so always be mindful of how you are positioning yourself. One of the best and credible ways of building your career is having others talk about you. Nothing beats a referral from a third party.

The Foundation of a successful job search also comes down to having a positive mindset. Getting out there and connecting with like-minded professionals should be seen as a positive step in the right direction. Start with whom you know, create a positive narrative and stay focused on nurturing every relationship on your way up.

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