How to Create a Personal Branding Statement for Your Job Search Strategy

Updated: Mar 14, 2020


Hey Career professionals, here is something you probably already know. You don’t get hired by just meeting the job requirements. A company is looking for an employee who can provide a valuable outcome to a problem they are having or someone who can contribute their expertise to a solution they have yet to adopt. They are also looking for a candidate who has energy, similar values and the right attitude to bring importance to a team. Not too much to ask is it? So how are you showing prospective hiring managers and employers that you are the go-to person for the job?

When it comes to writing CVs most employees are still using the objective format, your objective is that you wish to obtain the advertised job. What the employer is looking for is something that sets you apart from the rest of the applicants who also have the same objective. In other words, what's in it for them. How are you going to take away the pain or add value and can you provide examples of where you have done so in the past.

Ok, so what is a Personal brand statement and how can it help you?

A "Personal Brand" statement is a brief paragraph that describes your expertise, the added value you bring to a situation, who you help, and how your approach is different from other employees in your field. Think of it as an elevator pitch.

Let's take 5 examples of Personal branding statements from different career professionals. Get inspired and create your own and remember to leverage your Personal branding statement on LinkedIn and your CV profile.

Take the example of a digital marketer. Your personal branding statement could be:

"Digital Marketing Manager who inspires and motivates businesses on how to leverage new technologies and digital marketing to stand out from the noise and reach the millennial and generation Z consumers."

The personal branding statement above directly addresses how the digital marketing manager leverages their skills to create a transformational impact with the companies they work for.

Think of why a hiring manager should stop and take a good look at your page. You need to tell them instantly via your personal branding headline.

" PMO with 18 years experience known for successfully inspiring leadership and trust, leading to complex projects being delivered on time and within budget."

As a hiring manager, this instantly tells me that you are an effective communicator who uses your strengths to influence through leadership and trust.

Below is a personal brand statement that is centred around driving an action.

"As a business coach, I help my clients to transform their brand in only 30 days. 75 satisfied clients so far."

The above statement would definitely incite most entrepreneurs to take action, as having a leading brand increases leverage in your area of expertise.

As a recruiter, if you were tasked with finding an event manager, I can confidently assume that you would be compelled to call the person below for an interview phone screen.

"Master organiser responsible for planning and executing 2 conferences and 1 convention per year with 600-1500 attendees. You name it I will plan it with enthusiasm and confidence.

Your goal as a job-seeking candidate should be to give the recruiter something specific, personal and different. Below the Project Manager is specific about the target audience that they help namely the retail and finance sector. Your brand must be centred around why and how you are an expert in a certain field.

"A PRINCE2 qualified Project Manager specialising in leading cross-functional business and technical teams to deliver projects within the retail and finance sectors."

An impactful Personal brand can help you to stand out

Let’s put it this way a Product Marketing managers job is articulate how one product (A) stands out from the competitor’s products. It’s all about differentiation, this may come from a colour, feature, or function. Likewise, personal Marketing is all about your uniqueness and the value you bring.

The purpose of the branding statement is to make a recruiter and hiring Managers job easier, by providing them with info that is relevant, succinct and engaging. There will be employees who have a similar background to you, but only you have your unique story to tell based on your career trajectory, the companies you have worked for and the challenge you have met. A well thought out personal branding statement will define why you are a better fit than other job applicants. Its the essence of who you are, how you help and to whom you help.

How to create a personal branding statement

A personal branding statement should be brief, no more than 2/3lines. The text should set you apart from the competition. Demonstrate why you are the ideal solution for the job over other potential candidates. The tone should be conversational and to the point.

Questions to ask yourself when creating a personal branding statement.

  • What are you an expert in?

  • Do you have a speciality?

  • What sets you apart from your competition?

  • What problem can you solve for the employer? Or how can you add value?


When you write a well thought out and compelling brand statement you are instantly showing the value you bring in your career and how you are different from the competition.

This not only garners your favour but also makes the employers job a lot easier and more interesting. Also, the process of thinking strategically about your expertise will help you in the long term to articulate your proposition when it comes to the interview stage.


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