6 Ways Job-seekers Can Use #Coronavirus Lockdown To Shine a Spotlight On Their Expertise and Career

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

Hi, Jobseekers,

Are you starting to feel like an extra in someone else's poorly scripted play? The Plot is thick with fear, anarchy and the need to keep everyone in the dark. Social distancing has become the new norm, and many have been scare mongered into believing that a few extra rolls of Andrex will save their lives. All anyone can do is sit back and watch as the Coronavirus pandemic plays its part in consuming us with doubt, hastiness and indecision.

As a Job searcher, you may also feel like throwing in the towel and bemoaning your faith? What's the point shining a light on your talents when there is no-one around to give you clear direction? The scene you find yourself in is ripe with stagnation and frustration, so why even try to set sail against an atmosphere of ambiguity?

Taking Competitive Advantage

However, let us look at it this way. What does it take to become a show-stopping scene-stealer? It's not raw talent or even luck. It's the sheer determination to improvise and consistently show up even when no-one is watching. Think about how you can be more than just extra. Use these uncertain times to gain a competitive advantage and assume the leading role. Rewrite the script, get clear on how you can navigate this downturn and start creating opportunity out of chaos?

Ready to take centre stage?

1. Get talking to Recruiters

Don't let 'out of sight' lead to 'out of mind'. Keep being proactive in building relationships and communicating your value.

We are all still online- recruiters are working from home and have more time on their hands to speak to job searching candidates. Research who you want to talk too, look for specialists in your industry and start zooming!

Be able to deliver your value straight away and let them know what's in it for them. For example, look at the jobs they currently have on their website, pick one job spec, and be able to articulate your proposition based on what the job description is looking for.

Don't be afraid to ask recruiters for feedback on the market and how you can articulate your value for potential roles.

2. Rebrand Yourself

Having a personal brand helps you become recognised, leading to a more significant network of contacts and ultimately, better career opportunities. At the time I started my business, I was coaching and teaching workshops, I found writing short content hard. To save time and to add more value, I started creating blogs, slideshares and ebooks, which allowed me to repurpose content.

Writing good content is a great way to brand yourself as a leading authority in your field; the best way to accomplish that is to make your knowledge accessible to others.

The content you create for different social media sites will help you to gain exposure, build your career, and, ultimately, generate more interest in you as a candidate.

3. Reach out to senior leaders

It never hurts to reach out to senior leaders in your industry. How you do it is what's important.

First, you need to start building a relationship. Rapport. Most job seekers go straight into what they want without even getting to know the person they are prospecting. There is pretty much zero chance of getting a reply this way. Good things happen when you take the time to get to know the person. See this as a time to open up conversations and create new networks.

Remember, relationships can be built anywhere, at any time.

4. "Ask" Why would people hire you?

As job seekers, it's easy to get enthusiastic about our skillset and expertise. After all, you have worked hard to update your skills so you can deliver a better experience to your employers. You have stayed back in the office to finish a new project or enhance a marketing campaign. So, you would like to share your enthusiasm about how good your achievements are, right?

But employers and recruiters don't want to know how hard you have worked. They aren't interested in the companies you have worked at. They want to know what's in it for them. How are you going to help them with a problem the company currently going through? How are you going to save them on production costs? Help them to visualise you in their company, by telling them what you will do for them and how.

To let employers understand why they should hire you, ask yourself, So what?

5. Update Your Cv

What you have to remember is that your CV is not for you, but for the people and computer software) that will be reading it, so you need to think about what they are looking for and why.

This goes back to knowing your "value" and what are the current problems your employer is facing.

The most seductive CVs are the ones that empathise with the reader and make them feel like

you understand their needs.

As a Recruiter and Hiring Manager, I was responsible for hiring mid to senior-level Marketing Executives for tech and SaaS companies throughout the UK and EMEA.

I was kept super busy, somethings working on over 15 senior roles a week. My goal was only

to interview candidates who resonated with the employer's job description. It would take me

exactly 6 seconds to know who to call.

6. Share your knowledge

Due the COVID 19 lockdown, you may find that you have more time on your hands. This is an opportune moment to create a Facebook group or webinar to share your expertise and knowledge. Think about how you can add value to someone's life by showing them a quicker and easier way to create results. Ask people on your LinkedIn to join your new group, and tell them when they should expect fresh new content from you.

Start creating a culture of engaging and learning. Senior leader and hiring managers admire people who take the initiative and who are willing to give back to the community. Shining a light on your talents doesn't mean that you cant pave the way for others.

Remember, you can only focus on what you can control.

So aim to follow the above steps in this week's blog to shine a spotlight on your skills, abilities, and what's unique about you. Small intentional and consistent steps lead to big wins.

Please let me know how it goes.

Anya O'

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