5 Steps To Eliminate Self Doubt When Progressing in Your Career

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

How is your self-talk shaping your Career trajectory? Are you holding yourself back from assuming extra responsibility in your workplace? Do you find it easier to dwell in the depths of negativity? How about putting yourself forward to speaking at next month's conference? Or taking on an extra project at work that allows you to get in front of influential stakeholders. You already know that these are great opportunities to showcase your experience and skillset, so why are you not showing up?

How I help

As a Career Strategist and Coach, I have the opportunity to help professionals to reshape the stories they tell themselves. One of the many reasons professionals seek my coaching is because they know that they could be doing more to fast track their career. However, their inner critic is holding on to an old belief system that prevents them from achieving.

Sometimes it's so hard to let go of who we think we are, and how we perceive ourselves. We are all guilty of holding onto identities that no longer serve us; our lack of self-belief can have a real impact on how we move forward. This negative thought pattern can have a significant effect on every aspect of our life, causing us to miss out on career opportunities and preventing us from meeting inspiring people. First, start to recognise these self-limiting beliefs and look at ways in which you can increase your career confidence.

1. Surround Yourself with Successful People

Yes, life can be extremely unfair; I have felt the power of her unsavoury punches many times. But dwelling in the negative is something we have control over. Start by removing yourself from people who refuse to see your worth. Like attracts like, and if we are focusing on the negative, we will attract people who have the same belief system. We get comfortable in their presence because they are not pushing us to move forward. Instead, they are projecting their self-doubt on us. Surround yourself with positive people who focus on the good things in life and who are always striving for better. It may feel strange and alien at first, but slowly you will begin to see a new and brighter perspective. Attend events, and seek out Industry thought leaders to create an inner circle of success.

2. Showcase Your Strengths

We all have strengths; it's just a matter of knowing what they are and finding the right job/ career to utilise them. When we use our powers with intention, we will start to feel like we are doing measurable good for our company. If you are unemployed or looking to transition into a new career, why not look for a voluntary organisation that needs your skills and experience. Not only will you be practising what you love, but you will also be getting insight into another industry. Don't wait to be asked, go out there and find that person who needs your help.

3. See the Bigger Picture

Try to stop seeing small career setbacks as career-ending tragedies. See them as minor temporary setbacks. When I worked in recruitment, I suffered immensely with feelings of self-worth, especially when a candidate didn't take my job or if a client decided to work with another company. I sometimes failed to see the bigger picture, and often would tell myself that I was not good at my job. When in fact, I was more than capable, I placed hundreds of candidates in employment and was actively sought after by companies to fill lucrative positions.

It's OK to feel the disappointment, but move on and concentrate on all the other projects and people that need you.

4. Chose to Learn and Grow

OK, you did not get the job, or the last five that you interviewed you. Stop attaching all your self-worth to somebody's decision not to hire you. Instead, see the interview process as a great experience and an opportunity to learn and grow.

The most successful people are the ones who are looking for the next opportunity to prove their capabilities and skillset. They see the process as an opportunity to grow and no longer attach heavy emotion to experience. Ask for feedback, thank the hiring manager/ recruiter for their time, use this feedback as an opportunity to become even better when the next opportunity comes knocking.

5. Be Perfectly Imperfect

By telling yourself you have to be perfect, you are putting limits on your capability. As an entrepreneur and business owner, it's vital that I put myself out there and let professionals know that I can help them. In the beginning, I held back, because I was afraid that my content was not good enough, so I spent ages perfecting it until I no longer loved what I had written.

So I set myself deadlines and also assigned myself an accountability buddy. By setting deadlines, I was able to work towards a specific date, which allowed me to push my content out quicker, and my colleague focused on the completion without niggling over the minor and inconsequential results.


I am passionate about advocating for job seekers, and in doing so have set up a coaching business that helps job seekers to own their career narrative and become more confident in their job search.

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