Offline Personal Branding: 5 Steps Professionals Can Use To Elevate Their Career

Updated: May 18, 2020

Personal Branding is Your Unique Asset

Too truly build a successful Personal brand for career growth, both your online and offline brand need to work together in unison. You also need both to be consistently successful in the long term, especially if you want to continue to grow in your chosen career. Marketing yourself offline can include attending conferences, events, networking sessions and even cocktail hour. Not everyone is comfortable talking to strangers, buts it's a skill employee's need to work on and progress if they want to build a credible Personal brand. Before the age of social media, having and maintaining a solid reputation is what separated you from other employees. So when going out into the job market, remember to be authentic, approachable and a true reflection of your Personal online brand.

Consider the below five tips to help you build a cohesive and consistent offline Personal branding strategy that is reflective of your career brand.

1. Be Clear On Your Career Goal

When meeting with industry leaders at networking events that are related to the industry that you want to work in- Being able to market yourself offline is essential, especially when you are transitioning your brand from online to offline. When meeting professionals, you should be able to share your vision, what is unique about you and where you want to go in your career. Having a great unique value proposition helps your case.

2. Monopolise Your Network

If you are attending a conference on behalf of your employer, remember that your brand and the company you work for should complement each other, they should not be exclusively the same. It would help if you were building them both at the same time. You want your business to be the go-to for a product/service, and you as the go-to expert. Even if you are happy in your job, it's still essential to leverage a professional network as you always need to be creating and nurturing valuable relationships.

3. Stay Informed

Try to anticipate what your desired employer wants, find ways to be remembered and stand out. When attending a seminar, do your homework, try and find out who will be there, and keep to up to date with industry news. Make an effort to ask engaging questions, and don't shy away from talking about your career achievements. If you are new to networking and shirk at self-promotion, then talk about a project you were involved in that helped your organisation.

4. Follow up

Focus on what you can do for a client or potential employer. While you know that you can directly benefit from them, there is hopefully something you can do for them, always focus on what's in it for them. Also, let people know how they can best contact you.

5. The Power of Referrals

It's important to know where you are going with your Personal brand; this goes back to being intentional. Every person you meet may not be the right person who can help, but they may know someone who can, so always be mindful of how you're positioning yourself. One of the best and credible ways of building your brand is having others talk about you. Nothing beats a referral from a third party.

Combining the Two

Using both Online and Offline Personal Branding is key to serious long term career success. By combining the two approaches, you can bring your Personal branding full circle- Increasing your visibility and at the same time attracting more attention to your career brand. Which is crucial when looking to make a career transition, grow your reputation, or get a promotion. In the present and evolving market, it is helpful and necessary to stand out from the crowd whether you are applying for a job or transitioning into a new career.


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