5 Career CEO Strategies You Can Implement to Manage Your Job Search Process

Updated: May 18, 2020

The new world of employment expects you as an ambitious professional to reinvent yourself, break the rules and bypass the protocol of the bygone era. Amid job-seeking, there is no time for yearning for how things used to be. Being the CEO of your career involves taking control of your career trajectory and most importantly having a proactive approach when it comes to looking for a new opportunity. Here are five tried and tested tips you can implement NOW to become the CEO of your job search.

1. Customise Your Approach

CEOs know that the most successful businesses are the ones that stay connected to their audience- customers. They also know that the best companies are the ones that anticipate and react swiftly, react to changes in the market.

Ask yourself how you are navigating the new world of employment. Are you relying too much on your CV to gain entry into a new career? Are you waiting to be called back for a second stage interview instead of making the first move?

As a job seeker, you need to proactively manage your career and understand that the old way of reaching employers no longer applies.

Think about who your audience/prospective employer is? Where do they spend their time? What other ways can you effectively reach out to them?

By continually updating your approach, you start to become aware of what does and doesn’t work for you. It also takes you from passive job seeker to strategic opportunist.

2. Engaging for Impact

Once the CEO sets a clear business plan for their organisation, they must get buy-in from their employees and stakeholders. An exceptional CEO will anticipate that both parties will have different needs, but will aim to address both.

Recognise as a job seeker that there is a multitude of disciplines in a company. Each one has its own set of priorities and goals. If you have been asked back to present for a second stage interview, take this as your opportunity to ask the Hr manager what members of the company will be in attendance. Knowing who is attending will allow you to take steps to create a presentation that addresses the needs of the whole organisation.

For example, a senior marketer may want to make their presentation all about how their email campaigns have increased conversion rates, but ask yourself what someone from finance would have to say about your hard-core marketing talk. It’s not about marketing; it’s about you. Yes, you will want to show your value, but you also need to show how your expertise will fit within the whole organisation.

3. Play to Your Strengths

One thing a CEO does not have a lot of is the time! So to manage their company effectively, they need to recognise where they can delegate and how they can play up to their strengths.

First, become a SWOT. Work out what your strengths are and how you can capitalise on them, identify weaknesses and work on how you can mitigate them. If one of your strengths is connecting effectively with people, then networking should be part of your job search strategy.

Also, don’t let your perceived weaknesses prevent you from going outside your comfort zone. If content creation is not your thing, but you recognise the importance of curating a personal brand, then consider re-sharing and liking content related to the industry you want to get into. Always try to find another way of compensating for your weaknesses.

4. Be Data-Driven

To get more results from your job search strategy, you need to know your stats. So what statistics should you be tracking?

Create a spreadsheet listing all the companies that you have targeted, if you have created traction with them already, call the HR Manager to see if they have received your CV. If you receive a ‘no’ to a face to face or virtual interview, then get your reason ‘WHY’. Use that valuable feedback to make amendments.

The feedback you receive will be actionable data that you can use. Your CV may not have explained your value or relevance, or maybe the HR Manager thought you were overqualified. The one thing you cannot rely on is guesswork.

All feedback is good; it means that you are receiving metrics which will lead to eventual career success.

You should also be tracking how many calls or applications it takes to get a face to face or virtual interview. If the data is telling you that you are only getting 2-second stage requests after 20 first stage face to face, then you can gather from your information that there are massive improvements to be made in your job search process.

5. Authenticity

An approachable and authentic CEO is someone who can inspire trust from their employees, customers, and shareholders. The very best CEOs are the ones who remain consistent in what they say and what they do.

So how does being authentic apply to your job search?

Take a look at your CV and LinkedIn, are you representing two versions of yourself? Is your branding inconsistent? To be more successful in your job search, you have to become intentional about where you want to be in your career, which means becoming extremely laser-focused on how you want to be perceived by employers. It is only then that you can create branding messages that inspire trust from hiring managers and recruiters.

Once you know, what you want and the value you can bring, you can start to convey your passion via online and offline branding. Think about how the things you share online can benefit a potential employer. Your offline presence also demands authenticity, so show everyone you meet the courtesy you would show a potential CEO.

Just be yourself along the way, communicate clearly and effectively. Everyone you meet should know you are what you can bring to the table.

Its time to assume your new position as CEO of your career.


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