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Career Coach Helping Women Accelerate a Career Change through the Power of Personal Branding

  Coaching You to Clarity, Consistency & Smart Action

These job search coaching sessions are perfect for professionals who are feeling frustrated and stuck with their current job search.

You know where you want to go in your career, but you are not moving forward. You know how to brand yourself in the job market, but you don't know how to identify the key hiring managers that will get you in front of your ideal employer.  

Developing your personal brand and creating your CV and LinkedIn profile will only get you so far. 

In a 60-minute virtual career strategy session, I will help you get ready for your job-hunt by covering the below topics.

  • Create a roadmap for landing your job.

  • Refine your CV and LinkedIn messaging.

  • Coach through doubts, indecision and limiting beliefs.

  • Optimise your LinkedIn to attract key hiring managers.

  • Review your job search strategy.

  • Discover the 'hidden' job market.

  • Position you as the most obvious choice for a job role.

  • How to tailor your CV to make it more irresistible and relevant to the job you are applying for.

  • Enhance your competency and behavioural interview skills.

  • Uncovering the problem you help your industry/niche solve.

  • Create relevant and succinct prospecting emails for informational interviews.

An intensive job search coaching session will give you laser focus, enhanced interview skills, strategic job search tools, accountability and the ability to create exponential growth within your career. 

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