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Helping Ambitious Professionals Leverage Their Expertise for a New Career


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90 Minutes to Clarity, Consistency & Smart Action

with Anya O' Career Strategist & Coach

These strategy sessions are perfect for job seekers who are feeling frustrated and stuck with their job search. In a virtual strategy session I will help you too:

✔️Refine your CV and LinkedIn messaging.

✔️Coach through doubts, indecision and limiting beliefs.

✔️Optimise your LinkedIn to attract key hiring managers.

✔️Review your job search strategy.

✔️Suggestions to make your CV more irresistible.

✔️Enhance your competency and behavioural interview skills.

✔️Uncovering the big problem you help your industry/niche solve.

✔️Create relevant and succinct prospecting emails for informational interviews.

An Intensive coaching session will give you laser focus, enhanced interview skills, strategic job search tools, accountability and the ability to create exponential growth within your career.