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Tired of not hearing back from recruiters? Hit a plateau at your current company? Or simply considering an intentional career change?  Hoping to start the new year in a new job, with a company that honours your transferable skills and career experience.  


If you have answered, "Yes!" to any of the above, you are in the right place to upgrade your job search and successfully change your career. 

Stand out from the competition, reposition your skills and land a job you love with your Ideal employer.

Accelerate your career change through personal branding with the help of a dedicated certified career coach.

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Career Coach Helping Women Accelerate a Career Change through the Power of Personal Branding


Start your Career Change Today & Fast Track Your Job Search to Land your Dream Job


A Career Coaching Programme that leverages your experience and transferable skills to set you up for a Positive Career Change.  
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Career Change Coaching

Career Change Coaching

Develop a powerful value proposition by leveraging your skills and expertise to enable your career change.

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Job Search Coaching

Modernise your job search by creating on-brand career materials that attract your ideal employer. 

You may have hit a career roadblock. The weight of no's and early rejection emails may have discouraged you from pushing forward in your job search. Or your confidence has been thoroughly eroded by a recruiter telling you that your experience is not relevant to your ideal job.

As you know, changing careers is so much more than updating your CV and optimising your LinkedIn profile.


At Anyaoconsulting, I specialise in getting to know what is unique about you and how we can leverage your career story so you can stand out in the job market. On top of that, you will receive hands-on job searching coaching to fast track your way into a new career.  


As an ambitious career professional, you have already built up a repertoire of valuable skills and expertise. Your next career move is a matter of bridging the gap between where you are now and where you want to go. 


As a  Certified Career Coach and Job Search Strategist, I offer a two-step coaching service to uncover your unique strengths and accelerate your career change.  


1. Career Change Coaching - Learn how to leverage your skills and expertise for a new career.

2. Job Search Coaching - Upgrading your CV, LinkedIn, and managing your mindset to enable success. 

You do not have to settle for less; when you already have so much value to bring to a new career. 


So if you are considering a career transition and know that you have a lot to offer. A Career Coach who has experience in mastering career changes (that's me) will heighten your chances of securing a new and fulfilling career.​

Let's connect to start your next career story. 

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I was privileged to have Anya Coach me through an intensive mentoring programme. I approached her initially to help me with a business idea that I wanted to bring to life. ” 


—  Blairine Kondola, Director


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Contact me today for a free career consultation. We will go through what has been working for you and what could be better, and lay the foundations for a successful career change. 

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Career Coach Helping Women Accelerate a Career Change through the Power of Personal Branding

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