Anya O' 

Career Strategist

Helping Ambitious Professionals to Reposition Their Expertise For a New Career

How I Started

I'm Anya O- Career Coach, Speaker and Strategist specialising in creating career transition strategies for career professionals who want results fast. I teach ambitious professionals like you to clearly articulate how to position your skills, talents, expertise for a brand new career.


I have made it my life calling to help ambitious professionals to take the guesswork out of changing career. We all deserve to do a job we love, sometimes it takes trial and error to find what that career is and how to go about getting it. 


 Previous to running my own career consultancy business, I worked as a recruiter both in-house and agency side. I have help place over 300 professionals in permanent opportunities from Digital Marketing executives right up to CMO and Marketing Director roles. 


Fast forward to my career coaching practice, where my education supplements my experiences so that I can provide the most effective guidance. I have a degree in Business and Marketing, and I am a Certified Career Coach.

My goal is to get you to a place where you can start to gain momentum and confidence in your career pivot.

My Journey to Coaching

My career has been spent in various forms of personal development, people management, and coaching. Raised in a remote part of Ireland, I grew up an avid reader, writer and actor. To the horror of my parents, I tried to pursue a career in Theatre. Rebelling didn't suit my introverted nature, so I succumbed to the norm and finished with a degree in Business and Marketing. 

Upon completing my university studies, I fell into the beautiful world of fashion, becoming a retail brand manager for a high-end luxury department store. Where I successfully spent over seven years managing people, operations, and, most fulfilling, lifting morale. 

Upon completion of my HR qualifications, I decided to pack my bags and see the world. Travel broadened my perspective, introduced me to new ways of thinking and ingrained a deep appreciation for culture. 


Working for organisations all over the world also catalysed going after what I wanted and taking more calculated risks. I also love meeting new people, taking on new challenges and solving problems. 


                                   Moving to London

Where my recruitment career began. 

Recruitment served my soul, as I got to meet professionals from all walks of life, learned about different companies and leveraged my skill as a mediator between employee and employer.

Realising that I could help professionals to relaunch their careers, I decided to retrain as a Career Coach and start my own consultancy business. Driven by a continuous need to empower job seeking candidates to cut the modesty and to become the marketers of their career. 

That's why my coaching is based on helping professionals to create a narrative that compels hiring managers to realise your potential and act quickly.

Coaching is a natural fit, given my love for solving problems, meeting new people, inspiring growth, travelling and unique experiences.


I am also an insatiably curious person and would love to find out what brings you joy?

And if you haven't found that role yet that stretches you or fulfils you, well I am here to not only support you in that journey but create solutions that will get you there faster.

Contact Me

West Kensington, London, W14  |  Tel:++447927411475

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