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Helping Ambitious Professionals Leverage Their Expertise for a New Career


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Hello, Ambitious Professionals. I am glad you found me.

I'm Anya, a career strategist and coach to ambitious professionals who want more from their careers. And to move further, faster.

At an early age, I became an Agent of Change. Raised on social justice I witnessed firsthand my mums resolve to access a fair education for my brother Donal. 

My experience growing up with a brother who had an intellectual disability thought me that the main barrier to an independent life for a person with a disability is intolerance, not lack of ability. It also made me realise that nothing in life is guaranteed and we must always fight to have our voices heard.


Years later I would master the art of leveraging my creative experience to land a job in corporate recruitment. 
A career that suited my passion for people, places and thriving business. However, the career glass ceiling remains and the recruitment system is still impeding people with intellectual disabilities from entering the workplace. 


I stepped up for myself and for those who were self-selecting out of the recruitment process, by creating an inclusive coaching business. 

My chosen purpose is to help you get back up again and to be proud of taking the time to realise your ambitions.  

​This is our private practice and you get to decide how far and how hard you wish to push for your potential. I support you with a thorough intake, developing a customised goal-set as well as a campaign strategy for you and your career. 


My clients benefit from my hands-on recruitment, hr and management experience and are already making successful moves in their new chosen career.


If you are ready to pivot, get that promotion or challenge your own limiting beliefs email


If it's a 'YES' there are 2 ways we can together.

  • Book for a '90 minute' breakthrough strategy session.

  • Book a call to see if my 1:1 coaching is the right journey for you.

Here's to a planned and successful career upgrade.

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