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Helping Ambitious Professionals Leverage Their Expertise for a New Career


How Can You Get Unstuck & Transition into an Exciting New Career?

It’s a question I get asked every day.

You are an ambitious career professional brilliant at what you do, but you are feeling unfulfilled in your job. Inspired by ambition, you apply for new opportunities, only to be discouraged at the first sign of rejection. 

So let's back up a second, have you taken the time necessary to demonstrate your transferable skills to the hiring manager? Do you know what your underlying essential and transferable skills are and how to strengthen them to ensure that you can switch careers effortlessly? 


The current Crisis itself has put another strong focus on transferable skills as already we have seen shifts in jobs and people across sectors. You could say that it is an opportune time for you to make a positive career change.


So what is stopping you from making a successful career transition? 

Hiring managers and employers can see your value so, what could be standing in your way?!  

You probably have not demonstrated how your transferable skills and expertise will add value to an employers organisation. Changing careers requires more than a LinkedIn update and some CV TLC. It demands necessary changes that will inevitably instigate a brand new career trajectory. 

As a Career Coach, I am passionate about helping people unlock their potential, so passionate that I orchestrated my own career change. I switched sides, from being a commercial recruiter helping corporate clients find their 'ideal candidate' to helping job-seeking candidates find a company that valued them and their unique expertise. Becoming a professional cheerleader has been a life-changing experience mostly for my ambitious clients, who have seen the value of gaining clarity and creating a strategy to unburden their route to success! I promise I will be on the field with you, supporting your transition into a job that warrants and promotes your unique skills, capabilities, ambitions, expertise and passion.

Its time to show employers what they're missing. 

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Career Services By Anya


The 90 Day Career Change programme is a collaborative breakthrough framework, where we:

  •  Find your dream career

  • Overcome fear and procrastination of pursuing your ideal career

  • How to show employers your transferable skills

  • Create an employee brand that will help you get noticed and land the interview

Clients who enrol into the career change breakthrough will have access to CV templates, LinkedIn optimisation, cover letter templates, prospecting email templates, and a personalised career and marketing plan.


Go from Job Search to Success


These bite-size career coaching sessions are perfect for job seekers who need help too:

  • Create a personalised job search plan

  • CV and LinkedIn review & Optimisation tips

  • Industry tips to get your LinkedIn profile noticed.

  • Cover letter review and tips

A pre questionnaire is to be filled in before each session, and after each strategy call, you will receive a personalised career plan with goals and outcomes.

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I was privileged to have Anya Coach me through an intensive mentoring programme. I approached her initially to help me with a business idea that I wanted to bring to life. ” 


—  Blairine Kondola, Director

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