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Coaching you to a Career you'll truly love  


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Starting a new career is not an easy task, so why go it alone?

If you are considering a career change, having an expert to pave the way, will heighten your chances of securing a new and fulfilling career.


You have a desire to work with someone who is an experienced career change coach.


No more doing it on your own It's time to give yourself the tailored career coaching you deserve to progress quickly into an exciting career.  


You demand an extra boost of morale after stopping and starting you are ready to begin anew, this time with accountability and a proven career transformation strategy.


That is where I enter. 


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Career Transition Services

I have created a Career Transition programme that is inclusive, and bespoke to your individual career needs. For my clients who demand a Career change, it means developing an understanding of what they have to offer, identifying where they want to go, and connecting the dots for their target company. So that they are the most obvious choice for the job. 

My Approach

Throughout my career, I have coached and inspired teams to promote their worth. Now as a business owner and certified career coach, I am teaching career professionals how to proposition their experience into a valuable asset for future employers. My client's niche is professionals who are great at what they do but are unsure about how to bridge the gap between where they are now and where they want to go. So far I have helped professionals' careers change from teaching to corporate, facilitated mid-career switches, and inspired women returners to begin a new career at 40. 


Connecting the Career Dots 


Learning how to join the career dots is not something we are taught, this is where I come in. Years as a recruiter,  career coach, and self-starter have finessed my marketing skills. My expertise has helped to carve out new careers for C-level executives, mid and senior-level managers, and Directors. I also help recent graduates, creative professionals and I work alongside schools to help shape career strategies. 


Joining the Career Dots looks like this:

  • Helping you make sense of your professional background and capture your value in an authentic and meaningful way.

  • Exploring what’s next in your career, be it a career transition to a new sector, freelancing, a portfolio career, or starting a business. 

  • Defining best target markets, taking into consideration your values and preferred working culture.

  • How to sell experience verbally and on paper and creating an optimised LinkedIn profile, an ATS approved CV, and a succinct Cover Letter.

  • How to create an alternative mode of job application, by relaying transferable skills via a project or portfolio.  

  • Devising strategies to reach key hiring managers and recruiters and prospect relevant companies.

  • Understanding the needs of the chosen market to sharpen a persuasive value proposition.

Are you ready to start?

The below programme represents areas that are vital to working on when pursuing a career change. As your career change coach,  we will work together to devise a strategy, personal branding techniques and a career marketing plan to ensure you are accentuating and communicating your most relevant competencies and experience. 

My coaching programme is part mindset (because if your head is not in it nothing changes),  and part good old-fashioned work ethic(because wishing, hoping, and praying doesn't pave the way)is easy to action and comes with easy to use resources and tools. 

It has helped frustrated professionals switch seamlessly into a role that they are passionate about and that allows them to grow further.

The VIP  Career Transition Service is a Strong Collaboration Where We:

Define Your Skills and Experience

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✔️ Together we will articulate your transferable skills, competencies, and experience and create an impactful unique value proposition.


✔️ I will help you to clearly define how you can stand out from other professionals.

✔️You'll know exactly how to market your transferable skills and talents for a new career. 



Explore the Job Market


✔️We will create a list of companies for you to explore and prospect. 

✔️Taking into consideration careers that will value and award your transferable skills, talents, expertise and values.

✔️You'll have a better understanding of not only what you can do but what you want to do.



Finesse Your Career Brand & Messaging

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✔️We will create engaging prospecting emails for informational interviews.


✔️I will help you to optimise your CV and co-create content for LinkedIn so that you are attracting the right decision-makers.

✔️You will have an engaging LinkedIn that establishes you as a relevant and valuable candidate. 



Launch Your Job Search

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✔️We will create a set of career milestones to track your achievements.


✔️You'll learn how to stand out at interviews and negotiate your best package.

✔️You will walk away with a winning job search strategy that eliminates fear and builds confidence.


Ed Martin, Project Manager

"I see Anya as a natural mentor to clients looking to level up their skill-set. Anya is highly organised and knows decision-makers in exceptional companies - you'll want her on your side as you grow in your career!"


Blairine Kondola, Director 

"Anya has a strong knowledge and insight on how to develop your personal brand for a competitive market- place. I am now happily working with my idle clients and looking at diversifying my service range to clients in different countries."

Stefan Reilly, Marketer

"Her encouraging and caring, yet direct approach to both job searching and marketing helped me to make the necessary changes. Anya will inspire you to reach for what you want."

Elizabeth Ryan,
Senior Project Manager


 Anya stood out from the coaches I spoke to, apart from being incredibly kind, she is engaging and amazing at asking the right questions and putting the pieces together. Within two weeks of working together, I had a better understanding of how to market my skills on paper and in person and to whom. 

If this sounds like what you need, let's talk.


  • Fill out the quick application form below and tell me a little bit about yourself.

  • Within 24 hours I will be in touch to set up a complimentary call. 

  • We will meet on ZOOM so I can get a better understanding of your career goals. 

  • Each career goal varies in complexity and involves learning, moving out of your comfort zone, self-discovery and execution. My expectation of you is that you are ready to invest, and do what is possible to reach your desired career goal. 

Career Questionnaire


Thanks for your request!

I will get back to you within 24 hours to set up a 20-minute complimentary call.

Kind regards

Anya O'