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Learn How to Position Your Expertise for the Job You Want. 

As a Career Strategist and Coach, I offer results-driven affordable career coaching and LinkedIn training that helps you get the job you want.

Using 15 years of best practice from my collaborative career in recruitment, HR, brand management and personal development, I have created a coaching programme that fast tracks your job search.

Within One Year of starting my career coaching business, 18 of my clients have successfully launched new careers, by being deliberate about how they market their talents in a competitive market.

You can start your job search today, flying solo, but a considered career change can happen faster when you have a coach who can show you a stress-free, results-oriented path.

Are you ready to fast track your route to success? 


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Anya O'

As the founder of AnyaOConsulting, my mission is to help ambitious professionals to make a meaningful career change.

The clients I help are busy mid to senior-level professionals who want to switch into a new industry or enhance their candidacy by applying for jobs that bridge the gap between where they are now to where they want to be.

My clients understand the importance of staying relevant and current in their careers but struggle to find the time and tools needed to reposition and repackage their skill set for a new career.


As a Career Professional who is hungry for change, is this something you currently struggle with? 


​You have probably been there before feeling stuck in your job and struggling to understand how YOU can market your talents for a job that is outside your comfort zone. What if I told you that there is a formula, yes a recipe for successful career pivoting that leads to conversations with people who make the hiring decisions.

A "Career Transition" coaching programme that gets you results FAST.


​My experience with recruitment and the hiring processes has driven me to create a Career Transition service that is designed to fast track your career success.

To date, I have helped mid to senior-level clients to assume competitive roles, pivot into new careers, and land lucrative jobs.

Changing Careers is a big decision, but one that can be made more fun and manageable when you have someone who can show you the way.


Are you interested in learning how you can be the next career change success story?​


Career Coaching Services

CV &

Linkedin Services

When it comes to job searching you should never leave your first impression to chance?

Let me optimise your Linkedin and create a compelling CV/Resume, so you can start having conversations with the people who make the hiring decisions.

Career Transition

Every Career changer needs a plan and a coach who can pave the way. Learn how to leverage your skills and expertise for a new career. 

Career Accelerator

Getting a Job you love takes time and energy. My proven job search strategy gets you there faster. Leading to quality interviews and the opportunity to pitch for the job you want. 


“I was privileged to have Anya Coach me through an intensive mentoring programme. I approached her initially to help me with a business idea that I wanted to bring to life. ” 

—  Blairine Kondola, Director

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